Studio Videos

Making an Icon Series

This series of short videos shows the important steps of making an icon that are rarely seen. In each the beauty, craftsmanship, and vision that go into an icon’s creation is shared. While much of this approach is unique to the studio, these videos will be enjoyable and educational to anyone interested in icons.

Making an Icon: Wood

In this video, a closer look at the wood used to make an icon reveals details about the role a tree plays in creating an icon and the work done to find and prepare it.

Local Colours of Conestoga

This series introduces the four main pigment colours of the Conestoga Iconographic Studio. Part four focuses on the indigo blue made from carefully ground and harvested woad plants.

Woad Blue

It seems to me that all blues are the colour of the air—and this is certainly the case for woad blue. As the fall season comes to Canada, the hazy sky of summer clears and becomes a blue as deep as eternity offset by the flaming yellows and reds of the trees’ autumn leaves. It … Read more