St. Katherine of Alexandria

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Your virtue, shining like rays of the sun, illumined the unbelieving philosophers; as the moon gives light to those who walk by night.
You drove away the darkness of unbelief.
Condemning the tyrant, you brought the Empress to faith, O blessed Katherine, divinely chosen bride.
You hastened to the heavenly bridal chamber, to stand with the angels before the Bridegroom.
He has bestowed upon you a royal crown.
Pray for us who keep your most honoured memory.

—Troparian to St. Katherine

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These paper icons are of exceptionally high quality, showing beautifully in a home or church. Their simple iconographic style provides a portal to a saint or feast in our daily lives. Each is made with three goals in mind—to be beautiful, affordable, and environmentally-friendly.

The beauty of these paper icons can be seen in the great care taken to ensure that their images are sharp and their colours are correct. They are printed on heavy card stock, with each halo rendered in a golden, metallic foil, which more closely resembles the icon’s original gold.

Offering paper icons is one way that the studio attempts to make sure that the icons created here are affordable to anyone interested in praying alongside the saints. Another way is through donations made by supporters to give some to those without the means to pay themselves. If you are interested in inquiring about receiving such a gift, please contact the studio directly.

Environmentally, the reproductions are printed on paper using vegetable-based inks and renewable energy sources. All the packaging of these icons is biodegradable.

The sale of these icons is an integral part of our mission to worship with the saints. And, as a small, family-run business, their sale represents an important part of our livelihood.


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St. Katherine of Alexandria
CAD $50.00