Anthony the Great

From CAD $10.00

All icons are made in small batches and ship on a weekly schedule (or as soon as they are ready).



The printed icons from the studio provide a wonderful blessing in daily life. A small icon tucked away on a bookshelf reminds us of the sacredness in which we are called to live. Whereas a larger poster icon provides a centre of prayer, in both a home or church.

These icons are printed with three goals in mind—to be beautiful to look at, affordable to everyone, and environmentally friendly. Great care has been taken to make sure that their images are sharp and their colours are correct. The gold of each icon’s halo is a metallic foil, which more closely resembles the icon’s original gold. Environmentally, the reproductions are printed on paper using vegetable-based inks and with renewable energy sources.

Included with each icon is a certificate that links it to the studio and its mission of witnessing Jesus Christ in the place where we live.


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Anthony the Great
From CAD $10.00