Painting an Icon of Saint Nicholas

“Those who set up the most holy icon (of Saint Nicholas) and greet it, who have it as a constant companion in their houses as though it were the beloved man himself, are conspicuously rescued by his meditations with God from the various nooses and traps of a life full of troubles.”

—Michael the Archimandrite, c.800AD, Section 49

Although many children will wait until the eve of December 24th to look for Santa Claus, this week, much of the church celebrates the life and continuing intersessions of the saint behind these stories, Nicholas of Myra. With joy, the studio completed an icon of this great saint and that my daughter Claire and I filmed a conversation about it. In our talk, we discuss this ancient bishop’s history, the canonical considerations when painting such an icon, the studio’s distinctive style, and the use of the traditional “Chocolate Brown” from the region.

I invite you to watch and listen to our conversation on the studio’s new Vimeo showcase. To be alerted when new videos are added, don’t forget to sign up for the studio’s newsletter.

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