November Newsletter

The Studio is Open!

I’m very happy to announce that the Conestoga Iconographic Studio is now open.

For nearly twenty years I’ve been working as an iconographer, but last year I began transitioning towards working full-time in the studio. It’s been quite a road to get here, and I’m grateful to all the people who played a part in getting the studio off the ground. Thank you to all who encouraged and supported this undertaking.

With this venture underway, I’m busy with a number of new commissions and projects (as you can read below …). But, as always, the studio’s focus remains to offer,

“A vision of Heaven from the village of Conestoga”


Conestoga Icons on Shelf
Icons prints of Sts. David and Mary Magdalene

Icon Prints Available

Beautiful mounted prints from some of the studio’s most significant work from the past few years, are now available … Although the originals vary in size (from small personal works to large church icons) all these icons are reproduced as 8x10s. Find out more …

Icons at Home Project

Beginning in January 2019, a series of Orthodox icons is being created for sixteen rooms typically found in the modern home. These icons are being commissioned by people from across Canada and are made using traditional methods and materials. The whole series will be available as prints, either individually or as part of a subscription. Find out more …

A Peek into the Studio

Icon of Saint Cyril the Wonderworker.
Icon of Saint Cyril the Wonderworker.

New Icon

This month saw the completion of an icon of Saint Cyril, the Wonder-worker, recently canonized 116th Patriarch of Alexandria.

Finishing every icon is a blessing, but this one has been especially so. Making an icon of a modern saint who is so loved by the Coptic community, has been wonderful. The finished work is made on a solid lindenwood panel, with 24kt water-gilded gold leaf and painted with earth pigments in egg tempera.

This icon was commissioned by a Coptic priest from Liverpool, England.

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