Make a Donation

Symeon accepts a donation in order to assist people who can’t otherwise afford an icon. This money is used to reduce the overall cost of making the icon and enables both the person asking for the work and Symeon to see the work created. In all cases, the money donated is held until the opportunity comes to apply it—at which point the icon’s commission proceeds and the donor receives an update from him about its application.

Symeon’s icons resonate with a wide range of people in a variety of financial situations. Some of these people are able to commission icons from him for their homes or churches, and pay for them individually. Sometimes, communities fundraise together in order to afford these works. In each case, Symeon does his best to work in each situation and find a way to not have the cost of creating the icon stand in the way of it being a blessing to that person.

However, occasionally a request comes from an individual, or church, that has no way to afford an icon for their community. Often these are people who are involved in important work, but in which they also sacrifice financial comfort and live in poverty towards a higher calling.

If you’d like to be part of blessing some amazing people, please make a donation below.