Conestoga: Eggs

I think that now is as good a time as any to show one of the chickens that is going to be providing a very important element in my icon: The binder.  The yolk from her eggs will be acting like a glue to stick the coloured powders I create.

In a later entry I’ll talk more about egg-yolk as a binder (it is wonderful!) but for today let me introduce you to one of my chickens.  This one is a silver dorking and she lays white eggs.  All my chickens are heritage breeds and as such they have interesting histories.  The dorkings are originally a Roman breed that was later brought to England.  They are actually one of three breeds of chickens mentioned in Lucius Columella (+70 AD) latin book, Rei Rusticae Libri.  It certainly is a lot of fun to see your chickens spoken of in latin prose.  They are also unique in the chicken world because they have five toes.
Lastly, all my chickens have names.  This is partly my children’s doing and partly a requirement of my township which will not allow me to conduct poultry farming on my property because of zoning.  So these are officially family pets and as long as I keep their number under a dozen everyone is happy.  My children have named this hen Boss because she has reliably gone broody this year and they plan for her to be a good mother, or as they put it, “The Boss of the chicks!”.  I have to wonder where they picked up that expression …

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