Painting an Icon of Saint Nicholas

“Those who set up the most holy icon (of Saint Nicholas) and greet it, who have it as a constant companion in their houses as though it were the beloved man himself, are conspicuously rescued by his meditations with God from the various nooses and traps of a life full of troubles.” —Michael the Archimandrite, … Read more

The Making of the Washing

During the months of April, May, and June, this icon of the Washing of the Disciples’ Feet was created at the Conestoga Iconographic Studio. Since the patron, David, lives in California, he couldn’t visit the studio to see the progress for himself. Instead of that, regular photos were sent to him as the icon progressed. … Read more

How to Plant Woad Seed

Since a few people have asked for more details about how to plant woad seed before the winter snows get too deep, my daughter and I decided to create a short video about how we do it here at the studio. Please feel free to ask for additional information in the comments section below, and … Read more