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Join the community supporting the Conestoga Iconographic Studio in fulfilling its mission to create an iconographic style for those praying today by becoming a patron. Do you know of a church that needs icons but can’t afford it? Know of a community that would be blessed by a presentation on icons and their role in prayer? Want to see more of our beloved saints painted to become present in our homes? Your support will help others who do not have the means to invest themselves and support the studio in bringing the presence of Christ and his saints to the world through sacred icons.

Current Patrons

Every patron’s support is a blessing to the studio that allows the work here to continue. The amount of that support varies. As Christ teaches, the unimaginable generosity offered in the two pennies from a poor woman is worth far more than a showy bequeathing of gold from a rich man, the studio is mindful of this reality, and we are deeply grateful to everyone who gives out of the generosity of their heart.

Each gift of support is a blessing, and the studio currently receives monthly individual gifts of $5 to $1000 from people who believe in the work. Regardless of the monetary support given, every patron participates in the studio by committing to pray for it regularly, joining in the celebration of each finished icon, and helping with the studio’s ongoing labours when opportunities arise.

Become a Patron

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