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Peter the Leader of the Apostles

Saint Peter was one of the twelve Apostles of Christ and leader in the early Christian church. He is often given the title, “Chief of the Apostles” because of Christ’s words that his Church would be built with Saint Peter as it’s rock. He is one of the great saints in the Church. While there … Read more

John the Baptist

Anyone who walks into an Orthodox church will know the prominence given to John the Baptist. Standing in front of the iconostasis (or icon-screen), there stands Christ, Saint Mary the Theotokos, and this saint. The icon of Christ is a good looking man who offers compassion and blessing. The icon of Saint Mary is noble … Read more

A Piece of Linen

Yesterday, I was invited to give a homily at St. John the Evangelist Church in Elora. It was a joy to playfully share some of the significance that the studio’s work finds in detail, like the strip of linen attached to the icon’s panel. Here’s a copy of that sermon’s text: The text from which … Read more

Video Link

Chris Willard, from the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, and Brian Mullins, from Virtual Vistor, came by my studio last week and shot some footage for a project they have in mind.  Brian has kindly uploaded an example onto youtube for anyone interested.  If you like, you can make some popcorn and take a look … Read more

Conestogo: Chicks!

Three weeks ago one of my dorking hens went broody on a clutch of eggs.  Last year this didn’t end well, and none of the eggs hatched.  But I’ve learned a bit more about the hatching process since then and I thought I’d give it another go, and let things happen as they would.  So, … Read more

Conestoga: Eggs

I think that now is as good a time as any to show one of the chickens that is going to be providing a very important element in my icon: The binder.  The yolk from her eggs will be acting like a glue to stick the coloured powders I create. In a later entry I’ll … Read more

Father Nathanael’s Funeral

On May 18th, 2007 the Schema Monk Nathanael fell asleep in the Lord. It was my great blessing to be able to attend his funeral and participate as a layman. Father was many greater things in his own right, but to me he was my godfather, a spiritual father and a mentor within the arts. … Read more

Visiting the Desert

Today I visited a desert. While the experience wasn’t what you might think (especially because January and February are the cold and rainy) seeing the rock formations was wonderful. I had always thought that the rock formations within the iconographic tradition was especially stylized, but after seeing these rocks firsthand I realized that this was … Read more

St Barbara’s Monastery

Today we visited the nuns at St Barbara’s Monastery. It was a wonderful visit in a beautiful area. Highlights included: A wonderful meal and conversation; watching the nuns feed the goats (and keeping them back by putting a long stick across their own heads to intimidate the goats with their long “horns”); listening to a … Read more