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Visiting the Desert

Today I visited a desert. While the experience wasn’t what you might think (especially because January and February are the cold and rainy) seeing the rock formations was wonderful. I had always thought that the rock formations within the iconographic tradition was especially stylized, but after seeing these rocks firsthand I realized that this was … Read more

St Barbara’s Monastery

Today we visited the nuns at St Barbara’s Monastery. It was a wonderful visit in a beautiful area. Highlights included: A wonderful meal and conversation; watching the nuns feed the goats (and keeping them back by putting a long stick across their own heads to intimidate the goats with their long “horns”); listening to a … Read more

Visiting the Getty: Seeing the Mount Sinai Icons

Thanks to the generosity of Morgan and Lindsey of California, I was able to visit the Icon Exhibit currently on at the Getty. If you’re interested in seeing more about the exhibition you can go to: http://www.getty.edu/art/exhibitions/icons_sinai/ Today I spent the whole day at the Getty. Going into the exhibition space I had a idea … Read more

Triptych for the Mission to Seafarers

It was a joy to receive this commission from the Mission to Seafarers in Hamilton for three large icons. Each was created on solid, basswood panels that measuring 24” x 36”. After being blessed today in the church of Saint Luke’s Anglican Church, they will be permanently installed in the chapel of the Mission to … Read more