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Annual Letter of Appeal

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This year has been fantastic for the studio in the opportunities and support it has received—diverse icons, like Saint Benedict, Saint Katherine, and The Washing (of the Disciple's Feet) have been created and are now a blessing to families and communities across North America. And, because of the support given this summer for the studio's new roof, exterior walls and insulation, the work can continue in this space for years to come.

Looking ahead, the question for the studio is how will the work continue? As we enter our fourth year, there is still a need for community support. The studio's task is an ambitious one, taking a millennia of iconographic tradition and seeking to paint a vision of Christ and his saints for today. There remains the church's major feasts and many beloved saints yet to render if a fuller vision of the Kingdom is to be experienced and shared today. No single strand of support will see this effort continue. Only through a combination of studio patrons, icon commissions, and sales can the studio proceed in its work of making God present to those worshipping with the saints, here and now.

Thank you to everyone who gave their support to the studio this year. You have been a blessing to the studio, and many others, in 2020. As we look ahead to 2021, I hope you will consider if you have a part to play in the year ahead. Please think about Becoming a Patron, Commissioning an Icon, or Buying Paper Icons so that the studio's good work can continue to its fullest.

With gratitude,

The Conestoga Iconographic Studio
"Worshipping with the Saints, here and now."


Join the community supporting the Conestoga Iconographic Studio in fulfilling its mission to create an iconographic style for those praying today by becoming a patron. Do you know of a church that needs icons but can’t afford it? Know of a community that would be blessed by a presentation on icons and their role in prayer? Want to see more of our beloved saints painted to become present in our homes? Your support will help others who do not have the means to invest themselves and support the studio in bringing the presence of Christ and his saints to the world through sacred icons.

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The reasons for commissioning a new icon are beautifully varied. Icons from the studio have been created for new churches, moving to a new home, the birth of a child, and the desire to honour a newly canonized saint. In each case, the commissioned icon represents a new revelation of that holy person or event, made in a timeless way, for today.

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Christ the King of Glory
Paper icons are part of a more recent tradition within the church. Found in the private cells of modern saints, they profoundly enter our daily lives in the collections they form in our homes. They offer an iconographic portal to heaven in a way that can be very dear in our prayers. Often given as tokens of generosity and love to friends and children, they are the embodiment of God’s freely given love even in their unassuming simplicity.

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