February 2021

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I'm excited to share that two priests from the Canadian Prairies have underwritten the costs of sending out this year's icon cards to all the churches, monasteries, and institutions signed up to receive them from the studio. Thanks to the generosity of Fr. Claude and Fr. Dean we're now getting these cards ready to mail out, with the hope that they will begin to arrive by the end of next week.

The icon chosen to be reproduced for 2021 is that of Jesus Christ, the King of Glory. It's one that's especially appropriate for our Lenten meditations. Whether being included in a parish's seasonal mailing or left as a gift when visiting someone sick in a hospital, we look forward to them being a blessing to many.
This is an iconographic prototype that I've loved since I first saw it while visiting New York. If you'd like to find out more about that, please visit the studio's website and read the post found here:

Since the first batch of icon cards was sent, the notes of thanks have really touched us here. We continue to believe that this is an integral part of the studio's mission to worship with the saints, here and now. If you'd like to request additional cards or, conversely, if your parish doesn't need these cards at present, please get in touch with us.

I hope that this year's Lenten season is one in which we all draw closer to Christ and that these cards will be some small aid in that journey.

All the best,

The Conestoga Iconographic Studio
"Worshipping with the Saints, here and now."