Dear Friend,

A blessed feast day to you!

Today is the feast of the Apostle and Evangelist Luke, who—according to tradition—painted the first icon. His painterly response is a beautiful affirmation of the Incarnation. It embodies the understanding that Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, has now been made flesh and is now knowable in materials like wood and pigment. This profound reality forms the basis for all the work of the Conestoga Iconographic Studio.

This feast day is also personally significant. When my hands were consecrated to work as an iconographer many years ago, it was this icon of St. Luke that was given to me. I was told to hang it in my studio by the monks under whom I had apprenticed. So, it's a special day for the studio and iconographers everywhere.

It also has me thinking about the whole process of creating icons and the struggles and support necessary for the work to be done well. Right now, the studio's table is covered with iterations of the Nativity icon that I hope to have ready in time for the Christmas feast. While I believe it will be a blessing to a great many people once it's finished, it's a challenging task. I hope you'll consider supporting this work with your daily prayers through November.

Lastly, on this feast of Saint Luke, I also have hope about painting new icons. But, as I've shared, the studio itself is at a crossroads. For the studio's mission to continue into 2020, many icons still need to be commissioned for the coming year.

If you've thought about commissioning an icon from Conestoga Icons, please get in touch before the month of October is finished. Without such interest being expressed, the studio's door will have to close for the foreseeable future.

All the best,

The Conestoga Iconographic Studio
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